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A South African man had his phone stolen and ended up being taken for a ride by a Taxi driver. In a good way.


Kosie van der Merwe was robbed with a very a long knife, while stopped at a traffic light in Witbank over the weekend. He thought about fighting back but realized that life was worth so much more than just a cellphone so he handed it over to the assaliants.

Kosie immediately made peace with the fact that his phone was long gone but also recognized that he had survived a traumatic ordeal.

In the mean time, his wife received a strange call from his cellphone… from a Taxi Driver.

The Taxi Driver had unknowingly picked up the assailant and noticed the knife and the brand new, expensive cell phone. He alerted one of his colleagues and they confronted the thief.

The assailant managed to get away but luckily left the cellphone behind so the Taxi Driver decided to call the last dialed number in the hopes of getting the phone back to its rightful owner.

When Kosie arrived home, his wife told him about the call and he went to meet the Taxi Drivers.

The Taxi Drivers heroically retold their story to Kosie and together they celebrated the ‘small victory’ against crime.

“It gave me hope in humanity and restored my faith in my fellow South Africans. Everyone is ‘gatvol’ of crime in our country.”

Kosie told his new-found heroes that he had never been in a Taxi before so they decided to give him a ride around the city which he filmed and put online.

It may have just been a cellphone to some and others may think that being robbed at knife-point is just another petty crime but for Kosie and the Taxi Drivers, it was a moment that brought strangers together who can now call each other friends.

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