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Damian Willemse shares his top tips for staying fit during winter that will set you up for success once summer hits!


South Africa (02 July 2024) – Winter’s chill might slow some of us down, but not Damian Willemse. This rugby dynamo knows that the cold season is just another opportunity to push boundaries and keep the fire burning. From staying active to fuelling up, Willemse shares his winning formula for staying in top form even when the temperature drops.

Fuelling Your Body for Winter Success

When making dietary changes during winter to stay healthy and energised throughout the season, Willemse advises maintaining a healthy, balanced diet with foods such as soup, vegetables and fatty fish and nuts to hit your omega-3 requirements.

He shared his favourite winter meal, which is “…salmon and asparagus from Woolworths with pumpkin and mash. Easy to make and delicious.” He also says that if you want to indulge in something decadent, do it.

“There’s a time and a place for everything and it’s all about the balance. Just don’t overdo it.” We couldn’t agree more!

Staying Active When It’s Cold

We often correlate staying active with being outdoors but the outside air during winter is a hard no for some. Thankfully, Damian has some helpful tips to keep your workouts going, both indoors and outdoors.

“⁠I normally keep it very simple in winter and try not to change too much.” He believes winter gives us time to recover our bodies as we are generally more active in summer.

“I love to go for evening runs or switch it up with different Wattbike sessions to maintain my cardio. Another option is to try and do a 45-minute HIIT session, which I love to do at Sweat1000,” he shares.

Keeping off the Kilos during Winter

Damian advises keeping your body moving as it’s a huge part of a healthy lifestyle.

“You’ll immediately start drinking more water, eating healthier foods, prioritising your sleep and avoiding alcohol and bad habits that will keep you from maintaining your optimal health.”

He goes on to emphasise the importance of who you surround yourself with, saying, “It’s also super important to be in a good circle of friends/people who have similar goals and who will help and push you in that direction.”

Practise Mental Wellness as Much as Physical Wellness

Mental strength is as crucial as physical, that’s why Damian attends therapy sessions and spends time in nature to connect with his higher power.

“Something I recently learned from the author Robin Sharma is “MVP”, which stands for Meditation, Visualisation and Prayer. It’s important that we always connect with ourselves and our feelings, especially in a world that’s so fast-paced and digital that we can lose track of the things and people that matter to us the most.”

Avoiding Winter Pitfalls

Staying on top of your health and fitness during winter is important but it shouldn’t feel like a burden. Damian says that you don’t need to spend hours in the gym to be super fit and strong and that “fitness should be fun and fulfilling, not a chore.” Whether you squeeze in a quick gym session or a brisk run, Damian confirms that it’s about quality over quantity and that one should embrace the journey and make it a part of your lifestyle.

Embrace Winter with Unstoppable Energy

As the days get shorter and the nights colder, Damian’s approach to winter fitness reminds us that this season is not a setback but an opportunity to fuel our inner fire and push our limits. From powering up with balanced nutrition and staying hydrated to mixing up workout routines and embracing mental wellness, Damian’s tips show that with the right mindset and a dash of determination, winter can be a time to excel and thrive.

So, gear up, stay active and make this winter your strongest season yet. Because with the right attitude and a little bit of Red Bull spirit, the cold is no match for your unstoppable energy.

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