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South Africa’s “Uber” for safety and crime fighting has gone national bringing crime fighting to the 21st century.


Namola is a free crime response app that allows users to share their GPS co-ordinates, name and nature of the emergency with a 24/7 response call centre.

For genuine alerts, police, other emergency response teams and citizen responders are then dispatched and monitored.

According to Yusuf Abramjee, crime activist and Namola chief ambassador, the app was initially launched as an “Uber for police” in the City of Tshwane and later the whole of Gauteng from 2015.

Namola is completely free so the whole family can have the app, it allows the user to report a crime, locates the nearest police officer and predicts a response time of a little as 90 seconds!

“GPS technology means Namola can pinpoint your location to help police reach you faster.”

“Namola resolves accuracy and language barrier problems that can occur when a citizen has to report a crime in progress over the phone.”

“A dedicated control centre manages all the logistics and has the ability to ensure you receive help in fastest possible time.”

To bridge the communication gap, and get help fast, Dialdirect Insurance has partnered with Namola to make South Africa’s fastest growing safety application available nationally.

“Our goal is to use technology to help the fight against crime.”

“Namola is available to all South Africans, regardless of income and race. We are proud to be partnered with the Stellenbosch municipality, and committed to making South Africa safe for everyone.”

“Namola is the fastest growing safety app in South Africa. It’s top on the App Store charts. It has also been trending all week,” – Yusuf Abramjee, Namola Chief Ambassador 

The severity of the impact of South Africa’s high crime rate on those living in low-income communities cannot be overestimated. With no access to infrastructures like transport, working street lights, and private security, these communities are hardest hit by our country’s crime epidemic.

The Namola app is described as a unique solution to South Africa’s crime problem because it uses technology to put the power to create positive change in the hands of citizens.

Namola was designed by Happimo, a non-profit organisation, to be inclusive and is accessible to anybody with a GPS-enabled smartphone. A press of a button dispatches the nearest emergency responders to the citizen’s GPS coordinates and has been shown to be 11x faster than conventional systems. The system also allows for live tracking of vehicles and alerts to improve accountability and responsiveness.

Reporting an emergency via the app will trigger a call from the Namola call centre so be sure to answer the call when testing or an emergency vehicle will be sent to your location.

To download the app, click here.

Sources: Namola
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  1. I just went to install it.
    All good and well, but why does it need to access to my media files, video and audio? Invasion of privacy.
    A trojan horse to further erode our privacy in the name of security

  2. Hi guys. .Sorry to say this but you guys are thieves..this idea was designed and created by me 3 years ago called Crime Watch with copyright.
    I have approached Saps as well as SABC with the idea and App….

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