We’re with you: New Orleans sends Texas an emotional message of support

Hurricane Harvey

12 years after Katrina devastated New Orleans, Harvey rocked Houston. But New Orleans hasn’t forgotten what Houston did for them – and they’re ready to return the favour.


To our friends in Texas.

That’s a how a full-page advertisement included in Sunday’s (Sept. 10) edition of the Houston Chronicle begins. What follows is a powerful, heartwarming letter signed by “New Orleans” and addressed to the entire state of Texas, parts of which are just beginning to start to long road toward recovery following the devastation brought late last month by Hurricane Harvey.

Harvey caused widespread flooding in Houston and elsewhere and has been blamed for at least 71 deaths, while damaging more than 200,000 homes, the Associated Press reported. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has suggested Harvey’s damages could cost as much as $180 billion, even more than from Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

The full message posted in the Houston Chronicle is both stirring and an incredible message of support.

Read the full text below:

“To our friends in Texas,

“Twelve years ago, you took in hundreds of thousands of us. You opened your homes, closets, and kitchens. You found schools for our kids and jobs to tide us over. Some of us are still there. And when the rest of the world told us not to rebuild, you told us not to listen. Keep our city and traditions alive.

“Now, no two storms are the same. Comparing rising waters is a waste of energy when you need it most. But know this – in our darkest hour, we found peace and a scorching, bright light of hope with our friends in Texas. And we hope you’ll find the same in us.

“Our doors are open. Our clothes come in every size. There’s hot food on the stove, and our cabinets are well-stocked. We promise to always share what we have.

“Soon, home will feel like home again, even if it seems like a lifetime away. We’ll be battling for football recruits under the Friday night lights. You’ll tell us to stop trying to barbeque. We’ll tell you to lay off your crawfish boil and come have the real thing. But for as long as you need, we’re here to help.

“The way of life you love the most will carry on. You taught us that. Your courage and care continues to inspire our whole city. We couldn’t be more proud to call you our neighbors, our friends, and our family. Texas forever.

“We’re with you,

“New Orleans”

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