The All Hearts Foundation is crowdfunding to get a pack of 12 wolves moved, amazingly with the help of the community they have already raised R 33,000.00.


During July 2016 the fate of a pack of 12 wolves became a little rocky. The wolves were removed from their home on a farm in South Africa and relocated to a different farm for short term care until they could be returned.

Unfortunately they were unable to return to their original home.

That’s when the founder of the All Hearts Foundation, Lex Austen stepped in as she had spent time with the pack when they were cubs.

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She pleaded with the public to assist with the costs that will come from moving the pack as well as building them a new enclosure. An amazing total of R 33,000.00 was raised towards the goal which is R 50,000.00.

The public has done a great job working towards saving the wolves and all monies raised to date where done by crowdfunding on Facebook.

On the 9th of October the wolves where officially agreed to be owned by Lex Austen as she had paid over 50% of the funds linked to the wolves release. She is in the final stretch of crowdfunding for the wolves.

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Along with the wolves project All Hearts also supports more domesticated animals such as fostering pets and feeding colonies of feral cats as well as working with people in the community around them.

The foundations is still crowdfunding and collecting items for the animals being fostered at the foundation.

“We also would like to help all out furry friends with food, blankets, kennels and toys. We would like to also help the less fortunate community by giving them food and clothes.”

If you would like to find out more about the cause you can have a look here.

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Sources: All Hearts Foundation

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