Snow Frosted Cold Front Chill

A chill is coming to Gauteng and we have everything you need to know about staying warm and keeping those in need within your community warm too.


The Gauteng winter has been everything but a winter! Somewhere in the middle there, there was a week or so when it felt like it could almost be winter but it only lasted a week or so before becoming exceptionally mild. A shock to the system is coming though!

A cold front is predicted to hit the Gauteng region within the next day or so with Thursday, 17 August 2017 being the coldest day. Starting on Wednesday evening the high is predicted to be 22 degrees while the low will hit 0 degrees.

“It is going to bring us some cold weather in Gauteng and surrounding areas. It is the system that usually causes clouds and thundershowers.

“All in all it’s a combination of cold conditions showing that the winter season is moving out, the summer season is coming in.” – Bransby Bulo, Forecaster 

Waking up on Thursday we can look forward to a continued low of 0 degrees and a chill of only 9 to 15 degrees as the high. Now many may think this isn’t too cold but the sudden drop will shock the system. Plus keep in mind while some have warm beds and homes to retreat to, many do not so lets be mindful of our neighbours in need.


Here are a few tips on how to survive or how to help others to survive the oncoming chill:

  • Make sure the local homeless know there is a cold front coming, sometimes people forget they don’t have access to 24 hour news. This will give them the opportunity to make necessary arrangements.
  • Set up your slow cooker and make wholesome soups for the family or to hand out to your local homeless.
    Here is a tried and tested (plus super affordable) recipe we love, White Bean Soup, it’s filling and easy to make with a few ingredients.
  • If you have started your spring cleaning, collect the warm clothing and blankets you have and keep it in your boot in case you see someone who needs another layer.
  • Stock up on wood and check your gas.
  • And lastly be fire wise, don’t cover heaters or throw flammables over open flames.

Stay warm and thankfully things will warm up again come this weekend.

Sources: EWN 
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