Super cute sighting of a mother Cheetah and her 5 cubs at the Kruger National Park.

Cheetah Cheetahs

The super cute sighting of the mother Cheetah and her 5 cubs was captured by Manie Engelbrecht‎ and shared with Latest Sightings.


The sighting of the Cheetah with her 5 cubs is an incredible thing to see as the breed has been classified as ‘vulnerable’ on the endangered list.

As of 2015, the estimated total number of surviving Cheetahs were thought to be around 6,700. Regional estimates have been given as: 1,960 in eastern Africa; 4,190 in southern Africa; and 440 in western, central, and northern Africa.

“Kruger National Park’s Cheetahs have helped show that the carnivore can successfully hunt in wooded areas, not just on open grassland plains. Only two censuses of Cheetah have been carried out in the Kruger Park, both using photos submitted by the public.”

“In the 1991/92 census the public captured photos of 172 different Cheetah, while the much shorter 2004/2005 census found 103 individuals.”

Latest Sightings have been able to add an extra 5 cubs to that number thanks the the new video!

The platform uses the concept of crowd-sourcing, combining social media such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and BBM groups across all smartphone platforms to inform visitors to the park (as well as enthusiasts worldwide) where interesting animals and birds are spotted.

The App was established in 2012 by Ossendryver. As an obsessive Kruger Park visitor, the app founder’s favourite pastime was asking his parents to flag down passing motorists and asking them what they had seen. Eventually they tired of this hobby and began to say no. Ossendryver looked to technology to solve his problem.

He established Latest Sightings and from there it quite literally exploded!

Watch the video below:

Sources: Latest Sightings | Kruger National Park | Wikipedia 
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