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The Owl Rescue Centre in Hartbeespoort are collecting 200 tonnes of plastic to start recycling and converting into owl shelters but they need as many plastic donations as possible.


The Owl Rescue Centre rehabilitates and cares for injured and captive owls from all over the Gauteng area. Their most recent rescue was a tiny owl that had been kept as a pet. The owl was malnourished due to an improper diet but is now safe at the centre and has been named ‘Elon Musk’. So cute!

The centre decided they wanted to make more of an impact in 2018 and have focussed on the environment. The centre has decided to use plastic bottles and recycle them into owl huts.

This is their request:

“With the amount of plastic that is landing up in the oceans, we brainstormed how we can also make a difference. And this is what we came up with.”

“We are busy building a machine that chops plastic bottles up into little pieces which then get melted and put through a hydraulic press. We will be moulding our Owl Houses, Bat houses and our very cool new Bee houses out of this recycled plastic.” 

“But.. we going to need your help.”

“We will be needing about 200 tons of plastic bottles this year. Maybe schools can help with this? Companies?
Everyone can collect.”

This is a phenomenal idea and we would love to share it with you, our readers. The rescue centre needs donations of recyclable plastic. They are wanting milk bottles, cooldrink and water bottles for their new project.

You can contact them via email here for more information about drop-off points.

Sources: Facebook
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