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Four Serval Kittens are currently being raised at the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital and they have just moved on to solids, this is how people are helping.


Johannesburg, South Africa (04 June 2023) – Earlier this year a joint operation between the Bloemfontein SPCA, Virginia SPCA and the Department of Small Business Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs (DESTEA), the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital team saw the rescue of over 70 wild animals being bred for the illegal pet trade.

Several Servals were rescued, some still pregnant at the time, some far too young to have been removed from mom. This is the story of three little Servals (Leptailurus serval) that were part of the rescue.

The Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital shared its story in early May, needing a little support in feeding the hungry little felines. The three kittens also had very compromised health. The team worked tirelessly to save them and get them back to health.

“Once rescued, their health was in a highly compromised state and they all had severe diarrhoea, and one of them had splayed legs. A faecal smear revealed the presence of Coccidia; a parasitic infection that affects the intestinal tract. They were also incredibly difficult to feed, understandably so as they could not have been feeling too great with this disease to contend with. With the help of the correct medical treatment, and the patience of dedicated team member Lauren Beckley, the kittens were tube fed their milk to ensure that they were getting some nutrients in. Once they started feeling a little better, they began GUZZLING down their milk and have been thriving ever since!

The little one with the splayed legs required a special bandage to try and train the legs to their correct position. This has been very successful and this little serval is doing as well as the other two.

They have been brought through the worst.”

The team then added a plea to assist with their feeding. Each of the kittens was ready to be weaned off their milk formula and move to solids. Through their #OneMeal plan, which allows donors to donate just one meal at a very low cost, they were able to fund the kittens’ solids.

“Currently, on an optimal diet, #OneMeal costs R138 for all 3. Feeding three times a day, that’s a whopping R414 daily! We’d love it if you’d consider contributing to their care”

The team shared their thanks along with a video of the kittens feeding. Last week they took in a fourth, lone serval kitten and it has joined the litter currently being fed by the team.

“THANK YOU to everyone who donated #OneMeal (or more!) for these young Serval (Leptailurus serval). We are sincerely grateful and hope you enjoy this video of one of them – both as a kitten enjoying their bottle, and now, eating on their own!

As they are weaned, they are completely on solid food items now, and have a huge preference for birds. The lone serval that we introduced you to last week has joined these three, so now there are four serval growing up together.”

Sources: JWBH 1 / 2
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