Scholar Solar Power System

Rodger is passionate about engineering and decided to help his school by raising funds to build a solar power system at 16 years of age. It’s fantastic!


We first met Rodger Chinhangue when we found out he was accepted to the United World College Dilijan in Armenia. He is currently a student at Imagine Scholar, an after school programme in rural Mpumalanga, and has a heart for engineering.

Roger learned how much electricity his school uses every day. Electricity is so expensive and unreliable, so he designed a solar power system that would help reduce costs and in fact give the school more than it needed.

“I aspire to become an engineer. Imagine Scholar has inspired me to use my skills and knowledge about electricity to help the environment. I have noticed that our education facilities utilize a good deal of electricity, and I believe we need to cut down on electricity usage and reduce Imagine Scholar’s carbon footprint. Therefore, I chose to design a solar power system.” -Rodger

The school decided to help launch the project and requested funding via a crowdfunding website for materials needed.

The implementation of this project will act as a learning experience for Imagine Scholar students who are interested in renewable energy and engineering. The project will also act help to educate the wider community on environmental issues, clean energy, and solar energy capabilities.

Rodger has a very bright future and so he shared a video on YouTube explaining the need for the solar power system. He wants to change the world using innovation and harnessing renewable energy and sustainability. Rodger is a problem solver, he is commonly referred to as the MacGyver of Imagine Scholar.

The installation of this project from start to finish will be done with my peers at Imagine Scholar because I believe it is a valuable opportunity for us to learn about alternative energy, and at the same time spread awareness about renewable energy in Nkomazi. 

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