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South Africans are encouraged to join “Operation Clean Spot” by selecting one spot around them and keeping it clean; the more people join, the more clean spots around South Africa.


Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa (21 September 2021) – Do you want to live in a clean city? Do you want to take a Sunday walk through your neighbourhood and not see a plastic bottle lying on the sidewalk or a takeaway cup littering your neighbour’s freshly cut grass? What about if, on your next Sunday walk, instead of walking past that bottle, you picked it up?

This is what the newest project, Operation Clean Spot of the Sustainable Seas Trust, is asking individuals, businesses, organisations, and everyone in between to do: take ownership of a spot, an area of your choice, and clean that spot of litter. Operation Clean Spot aims to tackle the litter of Nelson Mandela Bay that currently plagues our streets, parks, and neighbourhoods. The new citizen-science project encourages you to play an active role in achieving this goal.

Everybody is invited to get involved by taking ownership of a spot of your choosing – perhaps near your office, around your neighbourhood at home or along your favourite walking route and cleaning it of litter. All spots and clean-ups are added to an online map for all to see your effort and commitment and, as the project grows, the map will be filled with more and more clean spots.

How to join:

  • Choose a spot you would like to care for.
  • Adopt your spot by completing our online form.
  • Conduct your clean-ups – how often you would like to clean it is up to you.
  • Submit your clean-up by completing our online form.
  • Visit the SST map to see your spot.

Operation Clean Spot launched in April 2021 and, in the mere six months since launching, has already added 100 clean-ups to the map. Through the clean-up efforts of everyone involved, four and a half tonnes of litter and unwanted waste from the environment has been removed, all thanks to the public who have joined.

A city cleaned of litter is important for us all in many ways. A clean city can: improve mental health by making people feel happier, protect our health and related health care costs as waste and plastic can transport diseases, protect habitats and property that litter and waste may damage, support economic development through tourism revenue and real estate value, protect our food supply by ensuring our soil remains healthy, and protect wildlife by preventing animals from ingesting or becoming entangled. By cleaning land of litter, we also prevent litter from entering our rivers and ocean, helping to prevent the endless negative impacts of plastic and other pollution felt in more habitats. The simple act of pledging to pick up litter in a small spot of your own can have benefits felt far beyond your street. Why not help us change the world, one piece of litter at a time?

Sources: SST – Supplied
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