The SPCA and community save cow that fell down a manhole

“Mina Moo” fell down a manhole and was stuck for a few hours, desprately trying to stay afloat thankfully through combined efforts, she was rescued.


Virginia, Free State – The Virginia SPCA got a call about a cow that was found at the bottom of a manhole. They dispatched an inspector to assess the situation and come up with a rescue plan.

“On Friday afternoon at around 13H00 we received a call that a cow was spotted in a manhole. We were shocked when we arrived at the scene. Approximately 5 meters down in a manhole of more or less 1.2 x 1.2m a cow was crying and making desperate attempts to stay afloat.”

“What to do? We call emergency services and SAPS Diving teams, but were unsuccessful. Her cries went silent.

We assumed she drowned and left the scene disheartened.

Inspector Ernest Khakau was not near to giving up. He returned to the manhole and lowered food to see if she will make an appearance, and she did! She was still holding on for dear life down there.”

The SPCA called emergency services and the SAPS to get help but neither were able to come through. They turned to social media and asked for someone to help them save the trapped cow.

“In an desperate attempt we turned to social media for assistance.

Within minutes brave men from Proto Teams Masimong, Joël, Oryx and Beatrix arrived at the scene. They quickly constructed an a-frame an 3 men, Faffa Fouche, Danie vd Watt and Peet Eloff from Joël Team descended down the terrifying hole.

It was a canal streaming in a downward direction, making it extremely difficult for the men. They were literally hanging on their harnesses. Nonetheless they managed to carefully secure the animal and keep her calm. Not an easy task! This girl was in distress.”

Once Mina Moo was securly harnessed, they made plans to pull her out. A crane hire company came forward to offer their help and pulled Mina out of the manhole.

“Now to get her out. Concor Crane Hire generously sent Molefi with a huge crane. Sandvet, under whose management the manhole was, sent a lowbed truck with a TLB Machine, with William on command.

The area was a wetland from Municipal leaks, making the task very difficult. Where the crane could not go, the TLB stepped up and maneuvered the crane in the right direction. The brave men of the Proto Teams were expertly giving a hand when the big monster machines battled through the wetland.

We were all holding our breaths. The Cow, now known as Mina Moo, was hoisted to safety at around midnight. What an emotional moment. The three men were lifted to safety as well. Goosebumps and tears of joy! It took nearly 6 hours, but they did it!”

They thanked every community members that came through to help with the rescue.

“We want to give Mina the best care possible, but now need the help of Team Support VSPCA. If you are able to assist us financially to provide Mina with nutritious food, medication and Vitamins, and hopefully transport to a new forever home, we would really be eternally grateful.

We care for, speak for and protect All Animals.
Virginia SPCA
Absa Bank
Branch Code 632005
Account Nr 4085 087 447
Please help us to help Mina!”

You can watch the moment Mina is hoisted out the manhole here. It was a successful, joint comminty effort that paid of in the best way!

Sources: Facebook
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