Watch: A Granny is going viral for busting a move in a Woolies


A Granny is taking over Instagram after breaking out into dance while in the Women’s Wear section at a Woolies.


DJ Soosh (Guy Daniel) captured the trending video and posted it to Instagram. DJ Soosh is no stranger to the music industry and with over 10 years experience, has done gigs in the club circuit, corporate sector as well as numerous music festivals.

Reading a crowd and keeping them glued to the dancefloor as well as having an archive of music from different era’s and genre’s is what seperates DJ Soosh from your average DJ.

His mad skills at reading a crowd have come into play at a recent gig in a Woolworths (we’re not entirely sure why he was in a Woolworths either – perhaps it was a launch) but he definitely  kept the crowd glued to the shop floor watching a granny “break it down”.

“Yesterday’s gig at Woolworths was lit! You know you got skillz when granny is breaking it down in women’s wear”

The video has started trending on Instagram while social media users have been commenting on her dancing skills.

nattitude19 posted: “Omg this is the best”

deepfriedman said: “Hahaha this is amazing. Now good luck getting your Street cred back.”

geeezzz_louise added: “This is excellent!!!!! 😂 She’s got better moves than I do!”

Watch the video below:

Sources: GTG
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    November 10, 2017 at 4:49 pm

    💕 love

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