The Sloth Institute Costa Rica (TSI) has been making waves on the internet, the fact that sloths’s are the internets 3rd favourite animal just made it even better!


The institute was founded in 2013 and have since then they have been researching, rescuing, and rehabilitating baby orphaned sloths.I cant begin to understand the cuteness levels of this!

TSI makes an effort to release sloths back into the wild after being rescued, this is what sets it apart from all the other sanctuaries. If a young sloth has lost its mother, it may not havethe skills necessary to survive on its own, and unfortunately, not enough is known about sloth biology to teach them these skills in captivity. As a result, orphaned sloths usually stay in captivity — but that’s where TSI comes in to make a change


TSI co-founder Sam Trull takes on the role of mother for baby sloths until they’re ready for something called “soft release.” Rather than just dropping the young sloths off in the middle of the rain forest, which is not likely to have a happy ending..


Wildlife International describes soft release as a “gradual return to the wild whereby an animal receives support, shelter, and food until it is entirely able to fend for itself.”

Trull said that TSI keeps the baby sloths in a large cage near the rehabilitation site. Once the animals appear ready for release, the team begins leaving the cage door open so the animals can slowly start coming in and out until they live totally in the wild.

jbnap-baby-sloth-4Although Trull raises the baby sloths individually, it’s important to note that the Institute isn’t a wildlife sanctuary; it’s a non-profit organization where sloths aren’t available to interact with the public. gxrej-baby-sloth-5

“It is in their best interest to have as little human contact as possible,” TSI writes on its website.

Trull doesn’t spend all day, every day with baby sloths these days, but she’s taken a lot of photos during her time as the self-proclaimed Mother of Sloths. She recently turned these photos into a book called Slothlove, natch, and it’s exactly as precious as it sounds.bvs65-baby-sloth-10

“Every sloth has a different personality and a different story. … I love them all, but my bond is different with each sloth and I wanted to highlight individuals that stood out to me and to whom I was particularly close,” she told Manhattan Book Review.

rf9vq-baby-sloth-3They have already had two success stories, two of the sloths, Ellen & Kermie, were released into the wild & are now being monitored by the team, they are apparently doing great on their own.


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Sources: Sloth Institute

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