A South African has had enough of body shaming and is calling a big retailer out on it.

H&M body shaming

A South African woman just stood up to a big retailer against Body Shaming and the rest of the country couldn’t agree more!


H&M is being accused of a dishonest sizing policy that body-shames shoppers but this is not the first time that the big retailer has been called out on their sizing discrepancy.

Earlier this year, a Londoner brought the issue to a Facebook group called Free to Be OK With Me, a body-positive community that aims to hold clothing companies accountable on inclusivity matters.

Sharing a photo of two pairs of size 16 skinny jeans — one from H&M, the other from Primark — Samantha Bell wrote, “I know I’m not the first person to raise this, but holy s***, H&M need to do something about their sizing. This is a size 16 from H&M (blue) vs a size 16 from Primark (black).”


Bell added, “So, I measured the difference. 14cm/5.5inches. FOURTEEN CM! FFS. And yes, they’re both the same style (skinny fit).”

And it seems that the sizing problem is a global one.

Jessica Everson, a 30 year old creative from Johannesburg, took to Facebook this week to share her anti body shaming message which is quickly going viral with thousands of South Africans agreeing.

Everson pointed out the varying size discrepancy while also unpacking how that could affect children who were shopping at the retailer.

Read the full post below:

“Okay H&M. My plans for today did not include posting my less-than-ideal body all over social media for everyone to see (and judge) but f**k it, I’m almost 31, married and have a happy life so there’s nothing to lose.

But there are people out there who aren’t happy, especially with how they look.

Truth: I’m not exactly ecstatic either – I’m on medication that causes weight gain (for life, added bonus, due to an autoimmune disease) and I’ve started exercising to try lose those extra kilos I know I need to – but I’ve accepted who I am and try to dress according to my body shape so I can still look in the mirror and have those “yaaaassss queen” moments.

I did not have one of those moments when I looked in your mirror.

The skirt I’m “wearing” was a size 38. A size I often wear without an issue. On good days, I’m even a size 36. But not at your store. Oh no. At your store, a size 38 made me feel like a beluga whale after attending an all you can eat fish buffet. My hips felt like one of those animals you see caught in a fence on animal rescue shows. My arse was attempting prison break, season 8.

Realistically, I would have had to have tried on a size 42 to even get the zip closed.

Do you know how that makes a woman feel? Imagine how a teenager, going through puberty and already being teased for not being super skinny would feel being forced to go two sizes up just to get the garment to fit?!

Imagine how many self esteems have been shattered in your changing rooms and how many girls have left a “fun shopping spree” with nothing but shame and self-hate to show for it.

You need to do something about this, H&M. You need to change your sizes to a more realistic standard and help girls feel awesome in your clothing – even if they have a bit of puppy fat or curves.

Make shopping a fun treat again.

Not for me, because I’m too old to care, but for the young women who still believe that the number on a label is the difference between being accepted or shunned by society.

TL;DR: thanks for making me feel like Fatty McFatFat, H&M. Not cool.”

Thank you Jessica, for saying something that so many are thinking but too scared to say. You may not have been “yaaaassss queening” it in those change rooms, but we believe you’re “YAAAASSSS QUEENING” it right now.

Sources: Facebook
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  1. Jeanne

    December 2, 2017 at 7:02 am

    VERY well said!!

  2. Marette

    December 2, 2017 at 9:50 am

    To all of you who feel that we should just buy a size bigger or a dressmaker like myself it’s unheard of! It’s got nothing to do with personal self image or lack of it etc. If you measure ypurself by cm or inches according to every countries standards (follow an international chart) it should’s not rocket science! It’s clearly a consumer issue and needs to be addressed.

  3. Tatum Williams

    December 2, 2017 at 9:57 pm

    but aren’t European sizes and South African sizes actually counted differently??
    I thought so… as I usually make sure to go in 2 sizes up in Europe
    ie a 34 in South Africa equals a 36/38 in European sizes….

    I stand to be corrected but this is what I understand from living abroad

  4. Corinna

    December 9, 2017 at 6:07 am

    I hope no one is confusing SA/UK sizes with EUropean sizes… That makes one feel bad 😣

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