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The Intelligence Bureau SA shared a shocking video of a man humiliating a homeless guy because of his race but South Africans united against his deplorable actions.


The Intelligence Bureau was sent a video of a man making fun of a hungry homeless man. He pulled the race card and demeaned the guy by using his race as ammo for why the guy filming would never help him, even if he was starving on the roadside.

While the video was obviously filmed to cause a stir and split the nation, it did the opposite and united thousands of South Africans.

The Intelligence Bureau shared the video saying,

“What you said was wrong, it’s a pity we still have those intent on provoking the race issue at any chance given… NEVER refuse a man/woman of any colour in need if you can help. One day you may need someone’s help. We hope the nation stick together on these kinds of clips and instead of fighting with each other on the comments stand together and single fools like this out…”

People were deeply disturbed by the guy’s comments in the video towards the homeless man. So instead, they started sharing their stories about how they have helped homeless and hungry people in the past.

You can watch the video by clicking here, although we don’t suggest you do. Rather read the comments below.

I remember last year sometime my son, 11, and I stopped at a garage for petrol and I noticed a young black male sitting at the door asking everyone for something to eat. You could see he was weak with hunger while all ignored him. Asked my son to come with me and inside ordered a pie and coke special, bread and a chocolate…

While standing in line to pay my son asks me “daddy will it be OK if I give my pie, cooldrink and chocolate to the man outside…”

You see, he assumed it was for him not knowing I am buying it for the man outside and what makes me proud is the humanity my son is raised with as I wanted to teach him hence asked to come with me but was already in his heart, he also chose to rather help.

And I will never forget the mans endless hapiness as we unpack his food. This is what SA needs and not meaning handouts and welfare but humanity.” – Samuel Kearney 

Samuel inspired so many South Africans with his story.

It is our duty as parents to teach our children humanity. As the famous saying would state, “Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”. You’re doing a great job, Samuel Kearney. Big ups” – Gugulomatomela Zuma

Samuel Kearney we need people like you in our country…well done!!” – Sannie Zodwa

This brought me to tears…it touched me… God bless you and your son for having such a good heart” – Noliso Dullah Azania Mshunqane 

It wasn’t just Samuel’s story that filled up the comment section. Another thread of comments started just below that where South Africans all pledged that this was not what they stand for nor is it what they expect from their fellow countrymen.

Judge him alone. He doesn’t represent us” – Vincent Kalane

“On behalf of black people we distance ourselves from that dude he sucks” – Sifiso Nkosi

Our prime purpose in this lifetime is to help others, if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them…” – Kabelo Diseko Snr

I want to find this guy (the white one) and give him money from my own pocket. Poverty is humiliating enough as is, the last thing anyone wants is this kind of treatment in their time of need.  If anyone can help me find him, please inbox. “Ubuntu” doesn’t know colour” – Lebo Lechela

You are so right – 90% of South Africans are good, loving peaceful people. It’s the 10% that are not and everyone focuses on them because they make the loudest noise” – Rikki Fietze

Exactly… luckily I knew when watching this that the majority of SA citizens have hearts… we should all make a change in our own small world to make a huge impact on the world outside” – Louise Jacobs 

So even though one person made a horrible video, thousands stood up to him and basically said: “Not in this country pal!”. We are always happy to see South Africans uniting rather than dividing.

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