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Sue Harwood’s story about the murder of Wozani the Rhino has hit the media in Taiwan. The media there have started debunking the myths of using Rhino Horn. It’s fantastic progress!


Sue Harwood was devastated when Wozani, a Rhino close to her heart was murdered by poachers for his horn. Sue is a lover of the bush and has captured some truly amazing photo’s and video footage of the animals she comes across during her drives. Wozani was poached on the 12th/13th of March so its a very fresh loss.

She met Wozani last year when he wondered close enough to the Jeep for her to touch him, her video went viral quickly of his attempt at puckering up for a kiss, putting on the perfect pout for the camera.

“Unlike the reputation that Black Rhinos have for being aggressive, he seemed to be friendly and gave many others the privilege of close encounters”

The Times and Express newspapers in the United Kingdom picked up the story about the loss of Wozani and shared the adorable video as part of their feature. From that ETtoday, a Taiwanese news desk and newspaper decided to cover the story as well.

“ETtoday asked me if they could feature the sad story in their media- and I agreed wholeheartedly as we need to spread the truth in the East about Rhino horn.”

ETtoday has featured 4 video’s about the Rhino poaching and debunking the ‘medicinal’ use of the horns. This is a massive step towards progress in the fight against poaching, if people are educated about the brutality they may just make an informed decision to stop supporting the trade.

“They have flighted 4 videos and information debunking the myths surrounding horn & coverage has been widespread….thank you ETtoday Taiwan for your concern and effort in spreading the truth about rhino horn. Even if this story saves one rhino, it was worth it!”

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Sources: Sue Harwood

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