Mandi Duthie was enjoying the sun on Durban Beach when she noticed two groups of guys playing sports, they all teamed up to play together, inspiring hope.


Durban Beach, South Africa – Mandi Duthie was on the beach in Durban soaking up some sunshine when she saw something that made her heart swell. As she was gazing across the sandy beach, she noticed that two groups of guys, each playing their own games of rugby and soccer, slowly started crossing paths as their rugby and soccer balls went one way or the other.

Instead of the teams clashing over interrupted tackles or diverted ball kicks, they decided to team up and merge the two popular sports into one chaotic but fun game where no-one quite got the rules but everyone had a blast.

Mandi shared how happy the moment made her and how hopeful she felt for our beautiful rainbow nation.

“I spent the most gorgeous day on Durban Beach today (24th of February) and as I watched a scene in front of me, my heart grew warm and fuzzy.

2 separate groups. One black, one white. One playing soccer and one playing rugby. Slowly, these 2 groups of people, with the same needs and wants for our beautiful country, moved in and joined the 2 games.

Call it soccerby or call it rugger… but they literally joined their play.

Tackling, pushing, laughing, comradery, sun, sand, smiles. For a moment I was reminded that we all have a certain common enemy helping to unravel us. Social media. Social media can often be used to divide, destroy, instil fear and worry. All of these seek to destroy us and are not from God. Don’t let social media add to the demise of our beautiful country.

Don’t react to stories you don’t know exist for sure, don’t pass on the bad. I know you know this feeling of warmth too. That warm, fuzzy, South African feeling. With small acts like this going on, how can it all be bad and tainted? Rugby, beaches, shopping malls… start looking around for the good, you will find it! Open the eyes of your heart”

She encouraged people to share the things that are good and to make sure when they see the bad, that they only share it if they know it is real news.

“Powerful words Mandi thank you for sharing. That’s what it’s all about, South Africans enjoying our beautiful country together.” – Trish Bartholomew

“Thanks for sharing. There is so much positive happening out there – it’s up to each one of us to not just observe it but whenever and wherever possible create it too” – Bruna Gillham 

“I SO agree with you Thank you for putting it so eloquently I experience so much kindness daily from all of SA citizens Lets look for the common good” – Jorina Fourie 

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