In Pictures: Capetonian goes viral after stopping in peak hour traffic to pray.

Capetonian Rain Pray

Bless the rains down in Africa! A Capetonian has gone viral after stopping in peak hour traffic to give thanks for the much needed rain.


The Western Cape experienced some much needed rain yesterday and a Facebook user, Coral Brooks, decided to share a heartwarming moment after seeing a man stop to pray, while in peak hour traffic.

“This gravity of this picture is SO intense for SO many reasons! This is an image I caught of a man today in peak hour traffic. Bumper to bumper, snail-pace, disastrous and exhausting TRAFFIC.

Suddenly I saw this man pull off to the side of the highway and get out of his car.”

Brooks assumed that the man had broken down but seeing him pray inspired her to take a picture and post it to Facebook.

“I thought instantly either his car had overheated or had broken down.

To my absolute amazement he got out, stood on the bridge and began to pray. He was praying SO hard and out loud with the biggest most grateful grin on his face. He didn’t care where he needed to be, he didn’t care what people would think…. In that exact moment he was SO grateful for the rain that started to pour that Cape Town so desperately needs!”

The post already had 16 000 likes and over 35 000 shares in just 24 hours but Brooks also wanted to remind followers that we all need to save water as without it, we simply cannot survive.

“Just take a moment to really appreciate this picture and be GRATEFUL for water because without it we simply cannot survive! SAVE EVERY LAST DROP!”

Cape Town is currently battling what is said to be the worst drought in a 100 years, with Day Zero looming.

Day Zero is the day when the City will be switching off the water supply and Capetonians will have to get their daily 25-litre water ration from designated collection points.

The City has implemented level 6B water restrictions in an attempt to avoid dams running dry.

It was announced this week that Day Zero has moved out to June 2018 due to a decline in agricultural usage.

But the City’s Executive Deputy Mayor, Alderman Ian Neilson says Capetonians must continue reducing consumption if we are to avoid Day Zero.

“There has not been any significant decline in urban usage. All Capetonians must therefore continue to use no more than 50 litres per person per day to help stretch our dwindling supplies.”

Stor-Age Self Storage are working together with the City of Cape Town to set up national water collection points and a distribution network to aid those that are most in need in the event that day zero arrives.

Sources: Facebook
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