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It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters… South African stroke survivor is inspiring many on social media with his message of hope.


Deon Groenewald took to Facebook to share his story which has started to trend. He wanted people to know that stress, anxiety and depression can only grow in a void. A void created where there is no hope, passion or enthusiasm.

But that void doesn’t have to be a daily reality, and surviving a stroke has taught him exactly this.

On the 27 October 2016 Deon suffered a stroke. He ended up in hospital and felt that his world had ended. It was brought on by a variety of contributing factors. A bad virus in his system, acute tick bite fever, exhsustion, dehydration and a highly allergic response to prescribed medicine from a Doctor.

The result… was a massively debilitating stroke.

“I knew 2 things. I could stay there or I could fight.”

“I fought. How did I fight. Well you need to know some facts. A stroke affects you nervous system and completely messes up the natural chemicals in the brain and body. You are left with a void. What happens to you is determined how you fill the void.”

“Consider that the things you did before don’t produce the same results anymore.”

“I knew I needed passion, hope and enthusiasm. Because of the damage to the nerve system the slightest sense of anxiety or stress creates a type of epileptic attack.”

“Here is what helped me. Focus on the small detail things of the now. Watch an insect move slowly across the floor and marvelling at its magnificent complexity. Look at the details of the colours and design inside a single petle of a flower. Notice the tone in the voice of your loved ones.”

“It is the small things that carry the greatest beauty. It is in the little details we find true peace and tranquility.”

“Today I function and I live a 100% active life. I live, love and work like anyone else.”

“But it is different. I am more humbled. I don’t stress the big stuff. I appreciate the seconds, the details, the now and I feel delight in the love I can give and receive.”

“It is never what happens to us. It is all about how we respond.”

“I trust my story will inspire someone today.”

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Deon’s story is inspiring many as it has started to trend on social media. The message: It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters. Thank you Deon for sharing such a personal story.

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