Watch: Elderly dogs give elderly humans love and everybody wins!

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The Silver Muzzle Cottage is based in the USA but the work they are doing is something that could be implemented globally, changing the lives of the elderly everywhere.


The concept that has been implemented at the Silver Muzzle Cottage in the US is one that would be well suited globally. The organisation saves old dogs from shelters and abandonment and gives them the golden years they deserve.

Silver Muzzle Cottage takes in unwanted elderly canines and gives them the love they deserve before leaving this world forever. Statistics show that from the time a senior dog arrives at a shelter to the time they are put down is very short as they are viewed as unadoptable.

The cottage and hospice run various programmes to ensure the dogs live a full life to the very end and prove that age is only a number.

“Our internationally-recognised program strives to educate others about the problem of homelessness amongst the senior dog population. Through positive promotion, we hope to shed light on the value, beauty and grace of these dogs and the many ways they can enrich the lives of those who choose to foster or adopt them.”

The programme we really connected with is the ‘Senior for Seniors’ one. We feel this programme could be global because the elderly are in every country.

“Residents get to visit area nursing care facilities. This meaningful activity brings joy not only to the facility residents but to the dogs who participate.”

The dogs visit homes and spend time with their senior counterparts. The day is highly beneficial for both the dogs and humans. You can see a short 60 second documentary about the shelter below.

Dog Retirement Home // 60 Second Docs

We don't deserve doggos 😭😭60 Second Docs

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