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The GTG Readership blows us away time and time again, because of you – lives change for the better, South Africans feel uplifted and dreams really do come true!


It happens often, we sit down at our desks and see what an impact our everyday readers have on those around them. We are sent messages and emails on an hourly basis about heroes, do-gooders and inspiring people. Our job is to share those stories with you and your job; just soaking up all the goodness South Africa has to offer.

You do so much more than that! Your readership is not only based on how many times you comment or share the good news stories on our page, we truly value your presence and continued dedication to seeking out the good stuff.

Here is a little secret… There have been many (and by many, we mean: so much more than we can even fathom counting) times that you have had us in tears. Not because you make us sad, you leave us in absolute awe. As our readers, you go above and beyond. Your hearts are filled with kindness and generosity.

We celebrate thousands of people on the website but for today, we will be celebrating you, our reader. We want to thank you for all the hard work you put in.

You must be wondering what brought on all these soppy feelings, right?

Well, to be honest, you guys do the most amazing things and you probably don’t even realise the impact you make! But we see it, and without you, it wouldn’t be possible.

GTG readers have done incredible things in the past, raised hundreds & thousands of rands, built homes, attended charity walks or collected toys for little kids.

And you keep humbling us with your kindness.

This morning we got an email from one of our contacts at Thundafund. They wanted to alert us to the fact that the story we had written about the Mzondi community, had made all the difference for the fundraising campaign. If you missed the story, here is some context:

A Gauteng informal settlement grew tired of waiting for the government to provide appropriate ablution facilities, so the community started a crowdfund to build the toilets themselves. We were really inspired by their proactive stance. When we saw the crowdfund, we saw that nobody had donated.

That really pulled at our hearts. We kept thinking how the community would feel if nobody even noticed their cause. How deflated and forgotten they would feel. So we shared their story. And then you guys made all the magic happen!

In two days, you all rallied together and helped the Mzondi community raise the funds they needed. Today the crowdfund reached its tipping point, which means the community will officially be given the funds to start their project.

We just had to thank you all for helping this community.

Thank you for the difference you make in South Africa. You are the most incredible humans and we celebrate you! Thank you for continuously inspiring us, motivating us and humbling us. You are absolute stars!

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