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Tracy While-Erasmus took Knysna families and animals in during the fires. One of the stressed dogs bit her face so a Joburg doctor offered to fix it for her.


Tracy While-Erasmus was one of the lucky ones who had a home unaffected by the Knysna Fire. In the peak of all the panic she opened her home to around 30 people and 19 dogs, cats and birds.

One of the families that arrived, brought their terrified Husky. Tracy set up a space for the scared dog in the garage, making sure it was secure, fed and watered. At around 10pm on the night the family arrived, she went to check on the dog.

The air was filled with smoke and sirens, causing untold amounts of stress on the animal. She bent down to pet him and he reacted by biting her in the face.

“It was not the animals fault, there was so much smoke, sirens and chaos” – Tracy While-Erasmus

Tracy was rushed to the nearby hospital but it was being evacuated so they did a quick stitch job and sent her home. The damage was to her cheek and right underneath her eye socket. Quickly her friend reached out on Facebook to ask if any doctors could help repair her face.

Doctor Deon Weyers of Fourways Life Hospital in Johannesburg offered to repair Tracy’s face for free if she could get to the hospital. Tracy’s friend got in contact with Kulula Airways who gladly offered up a free return ticket after hearing the story.

“The wounds on the side of her cheek were quite infected & would have scarred badly. Dr a Deon had to clean out the infection & put in stitches. Also the stitching that was done under her eye, wasn’t great because there were no internal stitches to support the wound. Dr Deon redid all the stitching & cleaned up the wounds.” – Sam vd Walt

The doctor was a generous man to help from afar and Kulula out did themselves in helping with the logistical side of the good deed. Good deeds breed more good deeds!

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  1. He is an azasing surgeon. Does amazing work! Care for his patients and will walk the extra mile for them.

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