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This is why we love our OUTsurance Pointsmen! It’s stories like these that remind us how important they are, and how they have become interwoven into our everyday lives.


Johannesburg, South Africa – South Africans have been celebrating the fact that the OUTsurance Pointsmen are back on the streets of Johannesburg by posting heart-warming stories of

A committed Pointsman went above and beyond, stopping traffic to escort a young boy safely across the road in Lanseria. The interaction at Lanseria and Malibongwe is a bustling, sometimes overwhelming crossing. That is the reason the Pointsmen stand there, to help move the traffic flow and keep everyone using the intersection, safe.

Tami Pankhurst shared this particular moment.

“Daily, pointsmen at Lanseria and Malibongwe are doing a sterling job, but this morning took the cake. A little boy no older than 5 was trying to cross the road. The pointsman stopped the traffic, took his hand and walked him safely across”

Kim Williams, an Operational Advanced Life Support Paramedic at the Lonehill Firestation, was on her way to work when she spotted “her” Pointsman saying a prayer before he started his shift.

“This morning on my way to shift I spotted “my guy” in Bryanston drive. What I saw touched me deep in my soul and brought tears to my eyes.

“My guy” was standing under the tree, with his white gloved hands in a prayer position. The look of relief and gratitude on his face, eyes closed in prayer. As I drove past he leaped into the road to start his day.

“My guy” is a breadwinner, a hero to his family and to me.

There are another 185 humans just like him who provide for their families. I pray we can keep them on!!! #saveourpointsman”

Recently it was announced that the contract for the pointsmen would be cancelled. Public outcry caught the attention of the Mayor of Johannesburg who stepped in to assist. He went on live radio to discuss the issue and confirm that the pointsmen were safe.

Their contract has just been extended by six months in Johannesburg. They make a real difference to peoples lives. With the Mayor of Johannesburg, Herman Mashaba, confirming that the contract would be extended, they managed to save 186 jobs.

Traffic Freeflow and OUTsurance were delighted at the news that the contract to provide pointsmen services to the City of Johannesburg will be extended for a further six month period, during which time a tender process will be finalised to cover the three-year period after that.

Motorists will, therefore, enjoy uninterrupted service from the OUTsurance pointsmen.

Traffic Freeflow which initiated and runs the project and which employs the 186 pointsmen are extremely pleased. “There is a huge sense of relief and excitement with our staff today. Their smiles are back. We are so grateful for the extension to further serve the public, keep the pointspeople employed and to keep Joburg’s traffic moving,” says Colleen Bekker, founder of Traffic Freeflow.

This image is just further proof that these men and women make a difference in every aspect of the road. It is felt when they are not present. This is out South Africa!

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