South African dogs in a wheelbarrow start amazing conversation!

Education is key in informal settlements that is why the SPCA works to educate people with animals to offer the best care, this family earned their praise


The Cape of Good Hope SPCA shared a heartwarming story about Mr Bheko and his two beloved dogs. Mr Bheko had no money to spare for sterilising his dogs but he knew the responsibility he had towards them and preventing unwanted litters.

After a bit of research, he found that the SPCA did free sterilisations.

Fearing his dogs would run off and get hit by a car or go missing, he strapped them into his wheelbarrow. The dogs love and trust was evident as they allowed him to strap them in and sat calmly throughout the trip. Mr Bheko walked with his son all the way to the centre where he could get help for his dogs.

When he arrived at the centre, he asked about how he could be helped and in the process, inspired the SPCA education officers on site. They shared his story and it has inspired even more people.

“Responsible pet owners show just how far they will go for their animals.

On the 17th of September, the CoGH SPCA Education team were privileged to encounter Mr Bheko and his son who had travelled from Samora Michel, with their dogs secured in a wheelbarrow, to attend one of our education outreach sessions at the Khanya Primary School, Phillippi.”

They believe every pet owner should behave in a responsible manner and always think of the animals. Mr Bheko embodied this behaviour.

“Pet ownership is a responsibility and we are indebted to people like Mr Bheko- a shining example of what a caring and dedicated owner should look like. Despite his own circumstances he chose to work with the SPCA to do the right thing for his animals.

Thank you Mr Bheko!”

His story inspired many people and the post received a lot of feedback. People were inspired by the love he had for his animals and how well looked after they are.

“I can’t help but smile. Even though these pooches have no clue what is going on they trust their master so much that the will endure the discomfort of a wheelbarrow ride for him. The bond between master and pup must be very strong! Well done for getting them there!” – Petronella Louw

“What a wonderful example this man is to his son and his dogs look beautifully cared for, if only there were more people like Mr Bheko in the world.” – Charmaine Harrison

A few days after posting Mr Bheko’s story on their Facebook page, the SPCA confirmed the most wonderful news.

“We have just received a wonderful donation of goods thanks to the kindness of strangers. Leads, beds, microchips and food for Mr Bheko’s dogs. Thank you all so much.”

We are always better together!

South African dogs in a wheelbarrow start amazing conversation!

Sources: Cape of Good Hope SPCA
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