Watch: Inspiring TEDx talk by South African about repairing his body after crash


Jason Laing was obsessed with cycling all his life but one day tragedy struck and he nearly lost… this is his incredible story!


TEDx talks are inspiring and cover thousands of topics that will spark anyone interests. We were sent Jason Laing’s TEDx talk after publishing a story about 3D printing of ribs. Jason did his talk in November 2016 but to this day, remains inspiring.

Jason was bicycle obsessed growing up and it was a passion he carried into his adult life. He had a full-time job in the jewellery industry but he remained dedicated to cycling. At the age of 21, he had already completed 10 Cape Argus Cycle Tours, a record not many hold.

In 2015 he started training on a fast-track much as you see at the Olympics. One day while going 70kms around the track, he had a seizure. He hit the ground hard and his injuries were horrific.

Jason suffered multiple brain injuries including scarring, bleeding and tearing of the brain. The paramedics worked on Jason for over an hour. He had died on the track and the paramedics had to resuscitate him on the scene. He flatlined once again at the hospital but doctors managed to bring him back again.

Jason had sustained over 32 points of injury throughout his body ranging from breakages, dislocations and torn muscles, to major internal bleeding. The doctors didn’t think he would survive the next 24-hours and if he did, he would be brain damaged.

For two months after the accident, Jason’s brain kept short-circuiting leading his head and eyes to continue twitching. Jason says he was not present for those first two months. Jason was trapped in his broken body without anyway of communicating with those around him.

He realised in order to free himself, he needed to focus on the inside. Through neuro and occupational therapies, he was freed from his mind and could start focussing on his body. He learned to read and understand emotion by watching YouTube videos. At this point, he was only able to understand pictures and numbers.

Through innovative technology, Jason pioneered through his surgeries by using 3D printing and virtual reality. Because his injuries affected his major arteries, every aspect needed to be pre-planned before surgeons cut into his broken body. Things had to be rushed forward when Jason started losing feeling and use of his right arm.

His collar bone was pressing on his subclavian artery. It was then that these technologies helped plan a delicate surgery because if his artery was accidently knicked, he would bleed out right there on the table. Not to mention the escalted risks of being under anesthtics for more than 3-hours.

Jason needed to be bio-hacked. This is the term he used to discribe the process of using technology to work as a trial guide for all his majoy surgeries.

Many of the methods Jason discusses are now in clinical testing and trails to see their effectiveness for the entire medical industry. Through these innovations, the world can change and it is all because Jason nearly lost his life in a freak accident.

You can see his full TEDx talk below where he shows how these innovations can be applied.

Sources: YouTube
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