Social media, an anonymous donor and some kindness have given this South African a new lease in life… this is his story 2 years later!


Johannesburg, South Africa – In 2017, Nigel Branken asked people on Facebook to help him get funding for a bright young mind who was struggling to get settled into university. Linda Nkosi thrived in school and was a top achiever which led him to receive a scholarship that could cover his fees. However, he was completely stuck on a place to stay or how to feed himself.

That is why Nigel asked his fellow Facebook users for help.

“One of our neighbours became unemployed last year. Her son came first in his school and won almost all the awards at school. He registered at Wits to study astrophysics. He got a R10,000 scholarship from Wits which covers his registration because of his results. He cannot use the money for food or residence which he urgently needs. His mom is moving back to Rustenburg because she can’t afford to live here due to her unemployment. He has applied to NSFAS for the balance but in the meantime, from tomorrow, he will be sleeping in the library. He has no money for food. He has worked so hard to get to university… under these conditions, it will be a miracle if he succeeds!

Who can help?”

Now two full years later, Nigel shared a heartwarming update about how Linda is doing. He has just entered into his third year and the donor that helped him out from the beginning has just helped him again.

“Hey Friends, I had an ice cream with Linda Bhuti Nkosi in Braamfontein today. He is in his 3rd year. He got a distinction in Calculus which is just amazing. He has passed everything…

… and the man who offered to pay for his res fees has just paid for the 3rd year’s residence fees… Over R 40,000…

Again I want to say that you Facebook friends are Amazing!”

The anonymous donor lives outside of South Africa but is deeply invested in seeing Linda succeed.

“I am always humbled by his story… this Facebook post led to a man I have never met offering to pay for a young person he had never met’s residence fees of over R 33,000 in the first year and by now over in the 3rd year over R 40,000… and he has supported him faithfully over email for 3 years. The man who had paid it is not even from South Africa… Bhuti was telling me how he did not have funds to travel back to University after Christmas this year and how the man tried to help him.

As a result, Bhuti has been able to focus on his results and he has done really well. He wants to now start interning at the SKA.

Some people are just really special!”

Thanks to this donor and to Nigel’s plea for assistance, Linda’s life has been completely changed for the better.

The story shows that it only takes one person to make a difference in someone’s life. If we each do just one small thing, it leads to big things like this story. Just WOW!!!

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