The story of Isabella “Pippie” Kruger has become well-known as that of the child who should have died, but miraculously survived.

When 80% of the two-and-a-half-year old Pippie Kruger’s body sustained third degree burns during a New Year’s Eve braai four years ago, no doctor thought she would survive. “Pippie” is the inspiring, miraculous story of a little girl’s fight for survival & doctors say she is making improvements almost on a daily basis.

For her mother, Pippie’s recovery is nothing short of a miracle.

“You have to see it to believe what a great miracle has taken place. Every day the little miracle girl surpasses expectations,”

She remembers with clarity the moments after a bottle of fire-accelerating gel exploded during a family barbecue, leaving her little girl with severe burns.

“It literally looked like she was boiling. Her skin was just falling off,” Kruger said.

Burn victims rarely survive such severe injuries. But Pippie was a fighter.

In the months that followed, Pippie survived multiple cardiac arrests and organ failure before undergoing the skin transplant.

“Pippie is participating in her rehabilitation programme in which she works very hard. It’s as if she has made up her own mind that she is not going to let anything stand in her way from complete recovery,”

We are so incredible proud of you Pippie… your story is humbling & inspiring. You are a fighter, our little South African hero!

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