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Elephants are notorious for causing trouble in Kruger National Park but not without human fault; a recent video has sparked the conversation about the park rules.


Kruger National Park, South Africa (21 September 2021) – Fans of Kruger National Park (KNP) and wildlife, in general, have felt the twinge of anger and frustration after seeing a viral video of two women in KNP out in the wilds of the park and being chased down by elephants.

The hair-raising video has sparked outrage as well as a discussion about the rules of the park. The incident took place right by the entrance of the Paul Kruger gate. Two women left the safety of their car, walked down into an open field and before long, were filmed running for their lives from a herd of elephants crossing the road.

As the video was only a short glimpse into the incident, we cannot comment on the reasoning behind the women being in the open.

So to bring some positivity to this terrifying situation, we thought it best to highlight the rules and regulations for the park. Whether you are a new KNP enthusiast or a well-seasoned visitor, a refresher on the rules is always a good thing. SANParks has a complete list of the regulations here, but we highlight the ones that relate to being in the park and in your car.

It is safe to say, those ladies have learned their lesson, they will never get out of the car again. We are so glad that nothing terrible happened and that this moment can be a teachable one.

Kruger National Park – Regulations

STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE – In most of the national parks there is a possible threat from dangerous animals. In such parks guests may only alight from vehicles in designated areas. No part of your body may protrude from a window or sunroof and doors should remain closed at all times;

THE MAXIMUM SPEED LIMIT – Please take careful note of the speed limits applicable in the various areas of the parks. Note that not all roads are accessible to caravans and/ or vehicles exceeding a certain mass, type or size.

ALCOHOL – The consumption of alcohol in public areas is prohibited. Day visitors are prohibited from entering Kruger National park with any alcohol in their vehicles.

DRIVE SAFELY – General rules of the road apply within the parks. It is an offence to drive on South African roads without a recognized driver’s license or under the influence of alcohol. Driving or operating any vehicle in a reckless or negligent manner or in a deliberate disregard for the safety of a person, animal or property is a serious offence and can result in a summons being issued Driving a vehicle in a manner that constitutes a nuisance, disturbance, inconvenience or danger to any other person may also be subject to a summons being issued.

ADHERE TO GATE TIMES – Gate times must be strictly adhered to. Please take note of the different times that apply at gates and also camps and lodges within the parks. Guests must plan their travelling thoroughly and make adequate provision for contingencies. After hours driving is not allowed and could result in a summons being issued.

DRIVING AREAS – Vehicles must remain on the designated roads at all times and off-road driving or driving on closed or no-entry roads is a serious offence. In many areas, overnight facilities are to be accessed only by booked overnight guests;

FEEDING OF WILDLIFE IS PROHIBITED – The feeding or intentional disturbance of wildlife is a serious offence. By feeding any wildlife you are potentially SIGNING THEIR DEATH WARRANT, AS THEY MAY BECOME DEPENDENT AND OFTEN BECOME AGGRESSIVE AND DANGEROUS, AND THUS HAVE TO BE EXTERMINATED;

FLORA & FAUNA – No plant, animal, wildlife or any natural or cultural items may be removed from the park without permission. To cut, damage, destroy or be in possession of any plant or part thereof, including dry wood or firewood is a serious offence. Importing of any specimen of an alien or listed invasive species into a national park is prohibited;

LITTER-FREE ZONE – Littering is prohibited. Deposit or leaving of any litter except in receptacles for that purpose will result in a fine;

BEHAVIOUR – Behaving in an offensive, improper, indecent or disorderly manner including the playing of any radio, compact disc player, music system, musical system or instrument, or in any way cause of any noise in any manner likely to disturb any species or specimen or other person is strictly prohibited and will be fined if not adhered to. The hindering, intimidating or obstructing of an authorized official in the execution if his/her duties or the performance of his/her functions will not be tolerated and is subject to a penalty. Violation, refusal or failure to obey or comply with any prohibition, request or instruction imposed by these regulations or by the management authority or authorized official will result in prosecution;

These are just the official rules, there is also a park etiquette that is expected by all who visit, you can read more about that here.

Sources: SANParks / GTG
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