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Alexander Stawiszynski reached out on Facebook asking for help with houses for the Garden Route Birds, the donations have started making a huge difference!


The Garden Route Bird Relief Programme was set up by Alexander Stawiszynski just after the fires died out. We shared the story about how he has been campaigning for people to send bird houses, feeders and food to give the displaced birds some relief.

Running the programme has become Alexander’s main focus, he quit his job to spearhead the entire project and help rehabilitate the Garden Route birds habitat. Their main goal:

“Helping the Garden Route’s littlest fire victims”

He hopes to work with locals to set up breeding programmes as many of the bird species were nearly destroyed by the fire! Over 120 square kilometers of vegetation was destroyed, meaning 120 square kilometers of breeding grounds and habitat for local species has been turned to dust!

“We set out today. To provide what relief we could. Armed with donations from our dear Sponsors. Birds flocked as we fed. Our hearts grew ever so bigger again”

A big sponsor was Elaine from Elaine’s Birding and Wildlife products. She donated over 250 feeders with a stock of suet feed, plus nesting boxes. She’s also made 100 nectar feeders and has sent more fruit feeders, and more feed.

One man spent five days upcycling old water bottles into bird feeders. They placed them throughout the fire damaged area’s so that the birds can still feed. Watch his awesome contribution below, his passion for making a difference can be seen by the effort he put into his feeders.

The page has become a hot spot for people sharing videos and pictures of birds coming to drink and eat in their gardens! Check it out here.

Sources: Garden Route Bird Relief Programme
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  1. How amazing that some fantastic South Africans think of the little creatures that are not only extremely vital for the maintenance of resending our gardens and forests but also for our viewing pleasure. Thank you all.

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