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The drought crisis in South Africa has inspired innovation in the collection and usage of grey water! Greyway is a system designed to save bathroom water.


Tiaan Brandt spent most of his life growing up on a farm. He watched his mother work on her garden for over 22 years. When his father passed away he decided to move the family into a security complex. Then the drought hit and his mother wasn’t able to start her gardening again.

This factor and the fact that water has become a finite resource, inspired Tiaan to become innovative. He designed a system the filtered the households bathroom grey water into usable water for household tasks. Soon his mother started working in the garden again with access to the stored grey water from their new system.

“I decided to set up a greywater system so that my mom could plant and water her garden, which became the most beautiful garden on the street.”

“After seeing how happy this made my mom, and how much water we saved and reused, (up to the point where we had too much greywater) decided to use the inheritance left from my father to make a difference and I pursued in creating a greywater system as a stepping stones to future water independence.”

Tiaan began thinking how this system could benefit other households and spent a few month designing and testing various systems. He hit a few walls but persisted in his mission!

“I found that greywater systems are generally expensive, large and complicated to install, without effective filtering and without long term hassle free usability.”

“Through trial and error, some perseverance and a lot of redesigning we came up with a patent pending system that is affordable, easy to maintain, durable, compact and easy to install.”

He believes that this is the first step to water security and independence. Greyway is set to launch on the 5th of June, for more information head to their website.

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