YouTuber goes viral for faking his way into Conor McGregor’s entourage


Zac Alsop is going viral for his daring yet successful attempt at getting backstage to the Mayweather vs. McGregor press conference in London


We should probably disclose from the get go that we do not condone this kind of skullduggery. Most of the people who have viewed the video are just as flawed as we are that Zac actually pulled off this crazy prank.

Zac Alsop had the idea to sneak backstage of the Mayweather/ McGregor press conference. He was creative and made two different kinds of press passes that he used along with some official looking security head gear. Dressed looking the part he bravely attempted to enter the building.

He filmed the entire experience and apparently even got seen on TV.

“I actually saw you on TV and asked myself why in the hell is that bodyguard taking selfies behind the ring” – Ashvinder Chopra

This isn’t the first time that Zac has deceived his way onto a cool platform, in 2016 he and a friend posed as Olympic medalists to get onto a bus, they received quite a bit of heat for that!

This video reminds us of the viral Justin Bieber prank that happened in Sandton, if enough people believe it than it becomes true. The video of Zac was shared on UniLad and has had over 19 million views in just 19 hours.

People have very mixed feelings about the stunt, most think it’s pretty cool while others believe it’s was a dangerous thing to do. Maybe this video will help events and venues tighten their security to avoid slips like this one.

Watch the crazy video of the McGregor trick below.

Sources: YouTube
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