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The talented Durban Chef, Anasia Govender, posted her curry inspired rendition of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’ to promote her restaurant Chilli Kadhai


Anasia Govender wowed viewers with her beautiful voice and clever lyrics that promote her day time restaurant ‘Chilli Kadhai’. The video was posted online by East Coast Radio and as of the 27th of February is trending at number 5 on YouTube South Africa.

Govender is not only an amazing singer, restaurant owner and chef. She is also an MC and celebrated Durban comedian. Govender’s comedy act, she usually adopts a thick Indian accent and goes by the stage name, Annalakshmi.

While Govender didn’t expect the video to go viral, we are not surprised! Her clever use of localised lyrics are what make the video so appealing, not to mention her beautiful voice.

“I’m overwhelmed and gobsmacked. So many people came into our restaurant the next day saying they’d seen the video. I expected a reaction but not to that extent, I’ve been working on parody songs for quite a while now and I use them in my acts. I’ve even written a song about Jacob Zuma having a conversation with Schabir Shaik which will be appearing soon on the Facebook page so keep an eye out and a different take on the Abba hit, Mama Mia to Bunny Bunny,” she said.

Some of the lyric’s are brilliantly thought out and perfect for the Durban chef, for example:

“Darling I will be cooking you food till I’m 70”, “And I’m thinking about how, people fall in love with my food everyday, maybe it’s all just in my hands”

“So hunny now, take a bite of our tasty chow, lick your fingers and scream out WOW, place an order for more right now”

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