Watch: Hilarious 80’s aerobics that makes us happy for today’s fitness culture

Face Workout

This hilarious 80’s face workout is a funny reminder for us all to be grateful that we have things like yoga, cross-fit and Pilates these days.


In the 80’s the at home television workouts were all the rage, woman would gear up into their unitards and do a workout in their living room! The aerobics fashion was also way out there, men and woman would put on brightly coloured unitards and poofy leg warmers.

The workout video’s created a rise of stars, such as Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons. It also brought on various genres of workout techniques. Jazzersize was created by Judi Sheppard Missett in the 80’s and it was ranked as the number one fitness business in 2011.

The face workout is a way to slim down your face and give it a natural face lift. While the idea is brilliant, the execution in this video is too funny for words!

“Your skin begins to deteriorate at age 25,” says Valeria Georgescu, the creator of FACE (Facial Activation Conscious Engagement) Val-U, “so failure to work these muscles will cause them to atrophy and make your face literally fall down.”

This is probably the best workout video you will ever watch! It is definitely the funniest one we have ever seen!

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Sources: YouTube / Men’s Fitness

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