Step aside Suzelle DIY… Tali is here and it is all about her big day.

Tali's Wedding Diary

Julia Anastasopoulos who plays Suzelle DIY has embarked in a new role and it is set to be brilliant. Let us introduce you to Tali and her wedding diary.


Julia Anastasopoulos created the South African sensation Suzelle DIY with a little bit of pastel, a big hair bun and a braai pie and even though most only know Julia as Suzelle… she’s actually an incredibly creative actress, illustrator, designer and artist.

Starring in a Showmax original, a first for the online streaming site, she is set to play Tali who is a self-absorbed woman from Sandton that moves to Cape Town and hires a documentary crew to film the days leading up to her wedding. It will be an eight part mockumentary series called Tali’s Wedding Diary.

Julia set up an Instagram account in Tali’s name called ‘Tali_Babes‘ and has been posting some video’s showcasing Tali’s delightful personality and quirky hairstyles. It is exactly what you would expect her to be like, hashtags and all.

Soooo irritated today. But I love u guys 👄#badmood #hood

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Tali will be marrying her fiance Darren, who will be played by another famous South African Youtuber, Anton Taylor. The show is set to be released in December of this year and we cannot wait to see it.

Sources: Instagram / Showmax
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