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Forget the record labels and middle management when it comes to releasing an album. One South African band are doing it all themselves.


Fokofpolisiekar, a well known South African Ban have been around for over 14 years. They have made incredible music and released many hits along the way.

But like many artists, the industry has always relied on record labels, management and someone in the middle taking their cut on the bands earnings.

“It’s never been possible for us to release an album on our own.  We are dependent on other people’s money.  And dependent on an industry that is built on the exploitation of the artist.  Over the past few years things have changed.”

The Band decided to create a crowdfunding page to raise the funds, with a goal of R500 000 in mind, which would cover all the costs of the album.

That goal was reached in just 9 days so they decided to add a few “rewards” if South Africans pledged more.

“If we reach R700 000, we will play a free show in Cape Town (on a first come first serve basis) and if we reach R800 000 we will play a free show in Gauteng (also on a first come first serve basis).”

In less than 2 months, the Band have managed to raise double what they planned. They have also already sold over 15 000 pre-order albums which in South Africa is a certified gold record!

In their 14 year career they have never been able to achieve this.

“Our goal was to raise the funds to independently release our first album in 11 years. With the support of various pledgers we reached our dream goal in 9 days. This is amazing! A special thank you to everyone that backed us. We are now fully dedicated to writing and recording the best album possible. The new album will be released in October 2017.”

Business on every spectrum is constantly evolving and this story is proof that everyone has the ability to create their own opportunities. We look forward to reviewing the new album (we may pledged a pre-order too).

Sources: Fokofpolisiekar | ThundaFund
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