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Math Moms is a non-profit company working with unemployed/stay-at-home moms from Elsies River to create a safe place where children can become confident in maths and much more.


Math Moms was started in Elsies River to test if the concept would be a success. The idea was to give unemployed or stay-at-home moms a purpose in the afternoons while also helping children become more confident in mathematics. Elsies River is known for its high crime rate so having a safe space for the children is another perk to the project.

In 2017, after doing a full-scale report on the pilot project, the non-profit company found many outstanding and positive results.

“All the project participants interviewed were very positive about the project. The school staff, the Math Moms as well as the learners were all in agreement that the project made a difference in the lives of all involved.”

The good news has meant that the company will be training an additional 30 moms before February of this year. Their long-term goal for 2018 is to have at least 100 new moms in the project. These moms will work at 12 different schools in the Elsies River and Ravensmead areas.

The project (piloted at Valhalla Primary School is currently running at 4 schools in Elsies River) aims to:

  • up-skill unemployed adults (mothers) in the community
  • train them in basic mathematics
  • equip them as broadly as possible so that they can transmit mathematical and life skills to grade 2 and 3 learners
  • give the average foundation phase school learner a solid basis in mathematics
  • improve the self-esteem of participating unemployed women
  • improve parental involvement in schools
  • build healthier, cohesive communities

To date, the moms are working personally with 224 children. That’s 224 children that will now feel more confident in a subject that can be daunting without a solid foundation. The future is looking brighter!

For more information about Math Moms, you can email Sonja at or visit their website here.

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