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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has tweeted some amazing stuff in support of Refugees being banned from the United States of America.


For every world leader that isn’t that great there is a world leader who blows us away with their open-minded views and compassion. Time and time again the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, shows us how amazing he is by doing and saying the most incredible and compassionate things!

On Friday Donald Trump issued a ban to all Syrian Refugees, along with 6 other Muslim-influenced countries, that have been told they will not be granted access to enter America. This lead to an onslaught of criticism from many countries and companies around the world.

PM Justin Trudeau took to Twitter to express his opinion on the matter and issued his total support for refugees, promising they had a place in Canada if needed.

This is not the first time the PM has spoken out against discrimination, previously he has spoken out against the history of convictions against members of the LGBT community and issued an apology for every person who was ever convicted in the entire history of Canadian law. He has also insisted on having a gender-diverse cabinet.

PM Justin Trudeau is an amazing example for every up and coming politician showing us the merits in being compassionate. He has said some profound things so far and will lead Canada well!

“Canada has always been there to help people who need it.”

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