BREAKING NEWS: South African canned hunter successfully convicted.

Canned Lion Hunting

Lions won a big case yesterday in the Free State courts, as a local farmer was convicted on 45 counts of contravening the Biodiversity and Conservation Acts for allowing canned hunting on his property


Blood Lions have shared a welcomed update to a massive case that took place in the Free State. The organisation has been tirelessly fighting to show just how wrong the industry is. At Good Things Guy, we have taken a strong stance against any activity relating to cub petting, lion walking and canned hunting.

The Blood Lions Goal is to bring an end to canned hunting and the exploitative breeding of lions and other predators on farms across South Africa. They created a documentary (available on Showmax) about the trade and it is gutwrenching!

In a Facebook post, the organisation has shared information relating to Deon Cilliers, a Free State Professional Hunter, Taxidermist and owner of Hunters Safari. Deon has just pled guilty to 45 counts and will be convicted for his crimes.

“Included in his plea was the illegal hunting of 39 captive bred lions; the keeping of 8 caracals without permits and the importation and release of 9 Scimitar Oryx- an exotic species.”

“Most of the Cilliers hunting clients came from the United States of America and Poland. The majority of the hunts were held on Bellevue Farm, Excelsior district in the Free State without the required permits.”

“Blood Lions commends the provincial prosecuting authorities for their efforts in successfully convicting Cilliers. We will keep you updated on this case.”

While this cannot save all the lions we have lost, it is a massive win for future lions. Hopefully, this conviction will make others think twice.

This one is for the lions!

Sources: Blood Lions
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