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The Johannesburg community was in an uproar on Monday when a picture of illegal trailer advertising went viral on social media.

The picture was first taken by Eve Pennington who immediately posted online. Pennington had to pull her car over in peak hour traffic on William Nicol to alert her community of the disgusting advertising campaign.

“OMG, can’t actually believe what I saw advertised, had to pull off in peak hour to take a pic. This is absolutely disgusting! I thought this was totally illegal????”

The telephone number listed on the picture goes straight to voicemail and the mailbox is full.

It is not clear if the campaign is targeted at actual dog fighting or MMA but what is clear is that South Africa are not standing for it.

Fight Night Post

The post quickly went viral and the South African community came together to raise awareness, investigate and shut the campaign down.

Linda Rose Crompton-Ferns wrote “I googled Cajune Rules – it is in fact dog fighting! F*&#cking bastards – may they rot in hell – !! Their website is just one page – offers no explanation as to Mixed Martial Arts or Cage Fighting – very skeptical! Secondly, who is the print company who printed this??? They should be shut down for printing illegal material…!”

Robyn Harvey said “I think people should bombard him with phone calls and with it being reported now I’m sure the “event” will be cancelled.”

Maxcine Elizabeth Taylor added “The things these poor animals have to endure on this planet due to human ignorance”

Andrew Ross stated “Eve – consider this a personal commitment to get this whole thing closed down – Brent Lindeque and I are on it … Will see what we can do legally, Gillian Benson and David Potter may need to help but we can’t let this go ahead let alone be advertised in mainstream communities.”

Matt Nicholson added “There are some rather angry people on this case now. The idiots who did this are in for a less than pleasant surprise 🙂 The amount of times this has shown up on my feed this morning is insane.”

Both the NSPCA and Advertising community were alerted and are currently investigating the matter. The website hosting company were contacted as well and closed the site down within minutes.

Animal fighting has been banned in South Africa since the ’40s. Under the Animal Protection Act No.71 of 1962 in section 2B, Animal Fights, it states:

“(1) Any person who – (a) possesses, keeps, imports, buys, sells, trains, breeds or has under his control an animal for the purpose of fighting any other animal…

shall be guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine or imprisonment for a period not exceeding two years.”

NSPCA senior inspector, Wendy Wilson commented that they have received hundreds of phone calls reporting the illegal advertising.

“We are just as outraged as everyone else about the illegal matter. We are continuing our investigations and will let the public know any details as soon as we know,” added Wilson.

Wilson explained that they are trying to track the bakkie down as it has been constantly on the move since this morning.

*** Update… it turns out the Dog Fighting trailer is actually an NSPCA campaign highlighting the real and shocking reality in South Africa. Click here to get the real story.

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