Parents Refused Vandals

The community of Ennerdale stood against violent protesters, the parents refused to let the vandals and looters destroy their children’s school.


Frustration and anger are the first emotions that seem to come to mind when thinking of pointless destruction at the hands of violent protesters, vandals and looters. Time and time again our news feeds are filled with stories of a protest somewhere in the country that has turned angry and destructive.

Recently this type of protest has taken place in the suburbs of the south of Johannesburg. The protests are being held due to lack of housing and land. The community of Ennerdale has descended into chaos!

Community members noticed that some of the looters and vandals were attempting to get into the local primary school and decided enough was enough! Immediately they called on the police and parents and created a barrier to prevent people from pointlessly destroying the school. Parents refused to let their children’s educations become endangered.

 “We came here this morning because we heard people with criminal intentions are threatening to burn down this school. They are also threatening to burn down our clinic in Mid-Ennerdale,” – Valerie Moses, Ennerdale Stakeholder’s Association

The community have distanced themselves from the violent protests and refuse to condone the behaviour.

“We are still fighting for development in the area but … we don’t want our existing infrastructure to be demolished by those with criminal intentions. We are also calling the community to come support us in protecting our schools and other institutions from being damaged,”

Standing up in the face of violence is a brave act, the community should be very proud they refused to give in and let their community assets be destroyed!

Sources: GroundUP
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