A petition by Uber and Taxify drivers needs your signature, it’s important!


Uber, Taxify and other private car services face extreme violence on a daily basis for offering their quick and convenient services, so help them be heard!


Uber, Taxify and other private car services are extremely convenient for anyone without a car or in need of a sober driver after a night out! The convenience is that it is cashless, drivers are registered and accountable, and it’s relatively safe for the users!

However for the drivers it is becoming more dangerous by the minute! Drivers are being targeted by criminals and disgruntled metered taxi drivers. The metered taxi drivers are under the impression that they are losing business because of the Uber drivers, while this is partially true it is also pretty inaccurate!

The future is happening and change occurs on a daily basis! As technology rapidly grows, so does the way we live our lives. More and more we use our mobile devices to manage day to day services like shopping, ordering food and getting from A to B.

Uber and Taxify drivers have started a petition directed at the Minister of Police. They hope that the petition will highlight the daily violence they face! From being held up at gunpoint to having their vehicles petrol bombed! Sometimes they get hijacked and we the user end up in dangerous situations too!

“Meter Taxi violence and intimidation has escalated at an alarming rate, attacks becoming more frequent and brutal”

“Uber and Taxify drivers live in fear, each day leaving home not knowing it will be there last. The majority do not have medical aid or life/disability cover or income protection. They do not get any compensation or assistance when hospitalised or when they cannot work to provide food on the table.”

That is why if you make use of Uber or Taxify it is important to sign their petition! They keep us safe when it counts and so we should do the same!

You can sign the petition here.

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