A charity in the North of Joburg is collecting brown coins for cats & dogs

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We all have one of those jars that we chuck our brown coins into, they take up space and tally up to very little, but they are much worth more to cats & dogs.


Stephan Ferreira the founder of ‘Charity Begins with Me’ has been a constant inspiration here on Good Things Guy. Stephan was diagnosed with Leukemia and refused to let the diagnosis destroy his life! Instead, he decided to spend the rest of his life dedicated to making the world a better place for the less fortunate.

Over time, there have been many projects he has launched. From collecting soup for the poor, Easter eggs for the less fortunate or making sure that children had warm clothes during winter, Stephan has worked hard to live up to his declaration.

Leading up to Mandela Day, the charity has selected Community Led Animal Welfare (Claw) as their beneficiary. Unfortunately, they are unable to volunteer at the centre in Durban Deep on the day, so Stephan thought of a clever idea to give back.

Instead of asking for big sums of money, he thought collecting the small sums would be easier, and could add up to a whole lot anyway. That started the idea of collecting brown, gold and silver coins (1c, 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, R1, R2 and R5). These kinds of coins are often discarded into a jar and undervalued. But every cent counts when charity is concerned.

“Everyone has been asking me what we will be doing for Mandela Day, and, after a bit of thinking, we have decided that our support will be going to the Community Led Animal Welfare (Claw) in Durban Deep.”

“We will be doing a massive coin collection as well as collecting cans – or bags – of dog and cat food to support their projects.”

“Empty that jar you keep in your closet, get the kids to go on a treasure hunt around the house, and empty those desk drawers and pockets. You will be surprised at how much money is just lying around.”

These hidden coins can be a treasure trove for animals in need and do not require a whole lot of effort to part ways with. All the donations, coins and food, will be handed over to Claw on Mandela Day.

“If you would like to be part of this challenge, send me a WhatsApp or SMS on 072 593 3866 or send an email to”

“You will be surprised at how much money can be collected, and what a big difference it can make. We are all going through tough times, and need a little help from our friends. So, from now until 18 July, I will be carrying around a mini piggy bank. Next time you see me, please give me your coins,”

Sources: Roodepoort Record
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