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South African pilots have come together to give the joy of flight to over 150 underprivileged kids… who have never been in a plane before.


The Children’s Flight’s origins lie in a music video called ‘Paper Plane’, which is essentially about a child with a Dream to fly, but on a deeper level it’s about anyone with a dream.

Aviation is traditionally about defying great odds and overcoming the laws of nature, the politics of man, the limitations of economy, and technological development… for so long aviation was an exclusive privilege to supreme military, selected individuals or the super wealthy.

A group of pilots have decided to give that dream to fly to children who may not have had the opportunity.

“We wanted to bring home aviation to the children, to promote the idea that anyone can be what ever they dream of being… That you can literally ‘take that paper plane to your destiny’… one day if even one of these kids goes for their dream, then this day may have played a role in that.”

Felix Gosher has accomplished his dream. The dream will be brought to life today on Friday 02 September. Gosher rallied his aviation friends around to make orphaned children happy for one day by flying them around for free.

“We are passing on the love of aviation to the next generation and hopefully inspiring some future aviation love.”


Felix is currently working as a contract pilot all over Africa. He organised this event while on contract in South Sudan – helping to deliver much-needed supplies and resources to a region that has seen much suffering .

Today, more than 150 children from orphanages, some with life threatening illnesses will experience a full day of entertainment, food, goodie bags and take flight for the first time.

An amazing effort, that was started by one person – Felix Gosher – and drew in so many people to help make children, who don’t have much, spend a day flying and experiencing the passion and inspiration of aviation dreams.

“Who knows, maybe one day some of these kids will be flying aircraft or fixing them or serving you drinks on one of your flights. It all starts with a dream, one person who gives you a chance to experience something that lights a spark in you and makes you believe you can achieve your dream too.”

You can get more information about this incredible initiative here.


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