Watch: Adorable animation of a baby spider has people demanding it becomes a movie

Lucas the Spider

Lucas the animated baby spider was just a test character by Joshua Slice but since the clip has been viewed over a million times people want a movie too!


Talented animator Joshua Slice was working on a small project, he created a test character called Lucas the Spider. The animated clip is only 20 seconds long but it has already won over the hearts of millions of people.

The baby spider scurries into focus and has a brief conversation before spotting his web and scurrying off again. The animation is voiced by Joshua’s nephew also named Lucas.

People are starting to say that this baby spider is curing their Arachnophobia. Others just can’t handle the amount of cuteness this clip contains. Many users have demanded that Pixar buy the character rights and create a movie about all the things spiders do.

“This is perhaps… the cutest shit I’ve seen, and I’m a man. Holy hell you could legit make an entire movie about just the journey about this little guy and he’d be massively watched! I watched it 3 damn times already, GOD DAMN IT WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!?”, said one YouTube user while another confirmed, “I have not loved a spider this much since Charlotte.”

Everyone wants this to be a movie or a mini-series/web series and we agree! The cuteness is far too good to just be 20 seconds. We need more!

“This is an animation test of a character I’ve been working on. I’m responsible for the design, modelling, rigging, animation, lighting and rendering. The voice acting is provided by my nephew, Lucas.”

Sources: YouTube
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