African National Congress (ANC) National Conference

A little spell check can go a long way… especially when the country and the world are watching your conference to see what the outcome will be.


The sign in question was meant to point out the “Dining Facility” at the annual African National Congress (ANC) National Conference held over the past weekend but instead pointed delegates to the “Dinning Facility” which means something completely different.

Instead of an eating facility… they were pointing to a facility that instills deafening repetition.

A really simple mistake, but as social media have pointed out after JERM posted the pic… it’s not acceptable, but pretty funny anyway.

African National Congress (ANC) National Conference

Read some of the top comments below:

Jenne Rennie commented: “Maybe they got it right after all? “Define dinning. dinning synonyms, dinning pronunciation, dinning translation, English dictionary definition of dinning. n. A jumble of loud, usually discordant sounds. See Synonyms at noise. v. dinned , din·ning , dins v. tr. 1. To stun with deafening noise. 2. To instill deafening repetition.”

Ingrid Koppeschaar posted: “To din or not to din…? That is the quest-chin….”

Brett Sharp added: “I dinno. This education thing isn’t going well, is it?”

Gary Beckman said: “Wonder if you can get kovfefe in the dinning area ?”

Richard Jeffery pointed out: “You had one job!!”

Will Granzier commented: “Dinn Dinn’s anyone?”

Violet Janssen added: “Oh, please…there are official signs on the roads…been there over a year, calling Hurlingham “Hurlinghum” and Gallo Manor “Gallor Manor.” Business as usual in Joburg.”

Chris Boucher said: “Hey what are you guys on about? That looks almost 30% correct to me?”

Lynn Stols posted: “You cant make this shit up. Nuclear, free education, bail outs of SOE’s, social grants and the tax payers are getting less and less. Zuma and his gnome wive must just piss off. Children in primary school cant read. 30% pass rate and now free tertiary education. How to dumb down a nation in 3 easy steps.”

This is not the first time the ANC have had signage issues… last year they suffered with banner and t-shirt mistakes as well as a massive faux-paux with their birthday cake missing a letter:

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