Good deeds to do for Garden Day and making a flower crown with Suzelle DIY

Garden Day

Garden Day is this Sunday on the 15th of October, it is the second one to be celebrated in South Africa. Suzelle DIY did a cool video about flower crowns.


Garden Day is in its second year in South Africa. It was first celebrated on the 6th of October 2016 and is slowly becoming a celebrated day by gardeners across South Africa.

We felt the day needed to be brought up because we have shared some amazing stories about gardening this year! From the importance of seeds to various selfless people creating veggie gardens for their communities. You can read them all here.

Before discussing Suzelle’s latest DIY video we thought we would share a few good deed ideas you can do to celebrate Garden Day.

  • Buy seeds (spinach, carrots and other sturdy vegs) to hand out to people in need. This can help them start their own gardens. 
  • Visit a local orphanage or shelter and offer to start a veggie garden or work on one they already have.
  • If you have the skills, teach those in need how to start their own gardens.
  • Help repair a neighbours garden that has been affected by the drought or recent storms etc.
  • Treat an elderly neighbour to a day at a local garden or nature reserve.
  • Donate trees to local schools.
  • Buy a stranger some flowers (preferably the kind you can plant or re-pot).
  • Build a birdhouse or bird feeder.

As always Suzelle doesn’t disappoint! Her latest video is how to make flower crowns, she teaches us a few different techniques and then has a ‘crown-off’ against her bestie… This time Suzelle doesn’t win the title. See more below.

Sources: YouTube / Garden Day
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