Mattel recently aired their new Campaign during the NFL playoff’s targeting football dad’s to invest in Barbie play time with their daughters.


The advert has touched a very heartwarming subject, dad’s that play barbie make awesome dads! The advert is quoted to say:

“Time spent in her imaginary world is an investment in her real world”

This ad was launched amidst all the marches for woman’s rights and it was done gracefully! Dad’s telling their daughter’s that they can be anything and standing up with/for them on their daughters dreams, ambitions and even rights is becoming the new normal. Mattel’s aim is to normalise gender roles and show that even adult men can play barbie.

The campaign also features follow on commercials where dad’s play with Barbie in different job roles, like Teacher, Doctor and Fire Fighter.

Teacher Barbie dad said:

“I think she can be anything she wants to be… Or all of them!”

In the last few years Barbie has had a few changes, her body type has become based on more natural and diverse figures. Career Barbie also has a variety of new jobs, previously male dominated, such as Computer Engineer Barbie, Presidential Candidate Barbie and even Race car Driver Barbie to name a few.

Watch the advert below:

Since the advert was aired twitter has been ablaze with mom’s and dad’s alike sharing their praise for the advert but also sharing photo’s of real life dad’s who play Barbie.

So dad’s even if you are a “typical mans-man” you can partake in your child’s play time and help them build strong and confident little lives.

“Spotlighting father-daughter relationships through playing with Barbie continues to articulate the importance of imagination and creativity on a girl’s journey to self-discovery.”

Especially because the ad was highlighting that a dad’s involvement in his daughter’s imaginary play contributes to her social, intellectual and emotional development in real life.

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Sources: Mattel YouTube

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