The Recce

The Recce is an army movie focusing on the The South African Special Forces Brigade and one mans fight for his life behind enemy lines!


The Recce gives us a look into the South African Special Forces Brigade, also known as ‘The Recces’, and the tactical fighting that took place behind enemy lines. The story focuses on one soldier in particular that refuses to give up after coming under enemy fire.

The film is set in 1980 during the South African border war between South-West Africa and Angola.

After the SADF wrongfully declares young RECCE Henk Viljoen dead behind enemy lines, it’s up to him alone to use every skill and tool in his arsenal to make it back to his grieving wife. With the enemy hot on his trail and a lethal gunshot wound in his gut, Henk’s chances for survival are looking slim as he navigates the treacherous war torn African landscape.

The stellar cast have featured in some of South Africa’s most popular films, from District 9, Chappie and Blood Diamond to the newest release Beyond the River. ‘The Recce’ is being submitted to various local and international film festivals.

“We are beginning to explore cinema as an artistic medium, rather than a business and so attempting to reach across the pond so to speak, spreading our voices globally”. – Ferdinand van Zyl, Writer and Director

Ferdinand van Zyl, set out to tell a metaphorical story about the bush war with universal themes. He explains, “The Recce” was written out of admiration for the unit, and all the veterans of the border war.

It is an ode to soldiers universally. It was inspired by the notion of being torn between two worlds. Men were required to perform atrocities in the name of war, but on the weekend, or when on leave, they were gentle fathers and considerate lovers.

A struggle still felt world wide today in our modern war zones! Watch the trailer below, this film looks like it is going to be an amazing one! It is set to hit cinema’s on the 28 September 2017.

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  1. Correction** The film will be released on the 28th of September, not the 8th like the article says 🙂

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