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Tourists pose with or ride animals without realising the damage it causes, Tinder is filled with people’s ‘Tiger Selfies’ so the app has asked them to stop.


Tinder is back with yet another awesome pro-animal/ pro-conservation campaign. A few months ago they set up a profile for the last male Northern White Rhino to find a mate, raise funds for it’s conservation and just bringing general awareness to the cause. Now they are putting a stop to Tiger Selfies on their app.

To honour International Tiger Day, on the 29th of July, the CEO of PETA sent an open letter to the founder of Tinder, asking for him to ban Tiger Selfies on the dating app.

This was done to bring awareness to the shocking number of captive Tigers. In America alone there are over 5000 Tigers in zoo’s, circus’s and private residences, that is more than the total of wild Tigers alive and free today!

It was also to help people realise that once a cute sweet baby tiger grows up, they do not live happy and healthy lives. A lot of the time the animals are also drugged to making them easy to work with.

Tiger Selfies in particular, are so popular that there are dedicated social media platforms to showcasing the images on a daily basis.

“It’s time for the tiger selfies to go. More often than not, these photos take advantage of beautiful creatures that have been torn from their natural environment. Wild animals deserve to live in the wild … We are looking to you, as part of our Tinder community, to make a change.”

“We will make it worth your while by donating $10,000 to Project Cat in honor of International Tiger Day,”

We are wholeheartedly on board with this and can’t wait to see the end of Tiger Selfies (and all other wildlife selfies to be honest!).

Sources: The Dodo
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